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Donations provide an opportunity to give hours of enjoyment to others while preserving the memory of a special person and honoring someone you admire. 

You may request a Book Endowment or dowebassets/volunteers2.jpgnation for the cost of a single book in the name of a person to any of the Libraries in the Orange County Library System.  A book plate will be placed in each book imprinted with the name of the person in whose honor or memory the book is given.  We will also include the name of the donor(s).  If you choose, you may suggest subjects for book choices that would be appropriate. 

A Book Endowment or Gift as a tribute can help salute a retiring club officer, mark a birthday or anniversary, or thank a business or a friend for a special service.As a memorial, a Book Endowment or Gift is a fitting expression of sympathy and a lasting tribute that continues a person’s influence in the community.  

Make a Monetary Donation 
Monetary donations of all sizes are always welcome, appreciated and tax-deductible!  Stop by to donate in person or donate online now via PayPal.

Book Endowments
Book Endowments provide in perpetuity worthwhile books for the Library.  For a minimum amount of $300.00, every year a new book will be added to the Library's collection in recognition of the person or occasion for which the endowment was made or as the donor specifies.  Your gift will endow the Library’s collection yearly beginning a year after the endowment is created.

With each Book Endowment, a letter from the President of the Friends of the Library will be sent to the person honored or the family of the person memorialized as designated by the donor.  Each gift will be recognized in a Friends of the Library publication.  Book Endowments may be established by an individual or a group.  Each donor will receive a letter of acknowledgement for this tax-deductible contribution.

Books as Gifts
With a smaller monetary donation, you may give the gift of a book or books to the Library.  A letter from the Library Director will be sent to the person you wish to be informed of the gift. 

The amount is not mentioned.  Books as gifts are tax deductible

For more information about Book Endowments and Books as Gifts, please call 407-835-7496 or e-mail us at 

Donate Your Used Books
Any book donated to the Library which is not placed in the Library’s collection, plus books donated specifically for book sales, are made available to the public in the Friends of the Library bookstore.  Donations may be dropped off at any library location.  Recycling gently used books into the reading community is one of the Friends’ major projects. 
Most books are welcomed as gifts.    The Library cannot use science, medical or technology books which we deem to be dated, textbooks, Reader's Digest Condensed books, or materials in certain subject areas which may be dated or in certain formats which may not be considered able to be sold in our bookstore. Such materials may not be accepted by the Library as a donation. Other materials which may be refused are materials which have a musty smell, show signs of mold or infestation, or are damaged. Certain locations may be unable to accept donations at particular times due to space considerations. In such situations staff will recommended the nearest location at which materials may be accepted.

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